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FIOSys (File Input Output System) is a software developer's tool that reduces the amount of time it takes to develop a software application. Think of it as a hammer that other developers can build better applications with more quickly. Development of FIOSys is in the final stages and I seek funding and support to bring it to market.

To understand what FIOSys does, please go to our Video Page.


The purpose of FIOSys is to provide other software developers, from day one, an advanced set of tools\features that those developers would normally have to create from scratch themselves, thus saving those developers years of development time towards completion of their own software products. The capabilities of FIOSys have to do with the internal maintenance of an application's files. FIOSys takes over all file manipulation, freeing the application developer to do other things. FIOSys primary features:
  1. Treelike Organization - FIOSys allows you to arrange a file like a tree, with different branches in the file storing different parts of what that application needs. Initialization areas, data definitions and records, indexes, pictures, text ... can all be stored in a single file, but separately in their own logical branch in that file.
  2. Smart Insert and Delete - File Insertion and Deletion is by far the slowest process your computer has to perform, requiring a shift on average of 1/2 of the file forward or backward to accommodate storage of even a single byte of data in the middle of that file. FIOSys does this in roughly twice the time it would take to just write that data into the file - thousands of times faster than a typical Insert or Delete.
  3. Unncorruptible File Handling - All changes to a file are managed in a way that, short of hardware failure, a file can't be corrupted.
  4. Multiuser Collision Handling - FIOSys provides support for multiple users accessing a single file, with locks and collisions handled gracefully by the system.
  5. Multiuser Rights Assignment - FIOSys allows assignment of rights to different Files and Users. One User may have full Read-Write-Build Rights on an entire file, whereas another User may just have Read Rights on a single branch of that same file.
  6. Transactional Updates - Ms. Smith makes a payment from her checking account to her mortgage account, but the system goes down in the middle of this transaction and only the debit to her checking account occurred. So now she has less money and a missed payment on her credit record. FIOSys allows "all or none" file handling so that a series of updates all go through or none of them do.
  7. Cross Platform Compatibility (near future) - FIOSys is designed to run on any hardware or Operating system. A FIOSys file built on a Windows machine will be understood and usable on a Silicon Graphics Workstation.
  8. Self Testing - Nearly 1/3rd of the time developing FIOSys is spent on its extensive self testing capability. Right out of the box FIOSys is completely reliable and will only become more robust as the years goes by. Consider that someone developing the next great database could only afford a limited amount of time on something like low level file manipulation. Since that is all FIOSys does, I can and do spend the time it takes to do superior quality control of this product.

To learn in more detail what FIOSys does, please read How It Works, or go to my Documentation page to learn more about this product.



The greater mission of FIOSys is to encourage standardization among software products. As more and more applications rely on FIOSys and organize their files in a predictable way, a standard can be developed so that other "FIOSys Aware" applications can understand and manipulate the data in each other's files. This benefits both the developer and the user.

The Developer

Jon is a software developer with 28 years of vertical market program development experience.

He developed a telephone billing application that was on the market for 25 years, and had gross sales of roughly $5 million. You can learn more about him on our Developer page.
Crystal Clear

Wrapping Up:

The developer is 5+ years into completion of FIOSys, has finished every major aspect of it, and is in the final stages of making it production ready. We welcome any assistance in achieving this, and are especially interested in U.S. high tech stimulus grants. These grants are specifically for products that move the high tech industry forward, which is what FIOSys is all about. If interested in helping with this endeavor, please visit our CrowdFunding page.

There's a downloadable Demo of how FIOSys works. Please download and run it if you want to see how far along we are.

Thank you for your time!
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